2020 Columbia River Gorge Photo Clinics

I’m excited to announce this series of photo clinics based in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge this season. I’m offering five Columbia River Gorge Photo Clinics that will take place at four different iconic waterfall locations and a processing session. This series is at a reduced cost that will cover everything in Gary Randall’s workflow. Sign up for one or more, or sign up for them all at a 20% discount.

The advantage of participating in this series of events is that you will be able to learn while working with Gary, spend time practicing, return for the next event and expand on what you had learned in the previous event. This should be much better than trying to go to a single workshop event and try to remember it all. It can just be too much, when if taken in smaller bites is much easier to understand and integrate into your own workflow.

The series starts in the Spring and ends in the Fall which will allow you to photograph these iconic Columbia River Gorge waterfalls in three seasons.


  1. CLICK HERE for the All 5 clinics (Reduced package price) 
  2. CLICK HERE for the Horsetail / Ponytail Falls Clinic – April 11th
  3. CLICK HERE for the Bridal Veil Falls – June 13th
  4. CLICK HERE for the Latourell Falls – August 15th
  5. CLICK HERE for the Wahclella Falls – October 3rd
  6. CLICK HERE for the Processing – November 7th

Subjects covered

  • Making proper exposure (In field)
  • Understanding aperture and shutter speed correlation (In field)
  • Finding proper focus (In field)
  • Composition (In field)
  • Processing from raw to finish (Classroom session)

This is an excellent opportunity to work with Gary to advance your photography skills. This is for all skill levels.