2021 Gary Randall Nature Calendars

Sorry but we’ve sold out

Hi everyone. I am always thankful to those who purchase one of my calendars each year. This year I have added a couple of wildlife photos to make my 2021 Gary Randall Nature Calendars. Including the majestic grizzly bears that we were blessed to be able to spend time with on this last trip to Alaska. CLICK HERE to order yours.

For those who are fans of the bears I’m glad to announce that Darlene has compiled a calendar that’s strictly bear photos. For those who know us, you know how much Darlene loves Alaska and the bears. CLICK HERE

This year’s calendar includes some of my favorite photos some of my trips. Photos include:

  • Snow Cave, Alaska
  • Virgin Creek Falls, Alaska
  • Cross Fox, Alaska
  • The Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon
  • Fireweed, Alaska
  • The Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon
  • Bald Eagle, San Juan Islands Washington
  • Comet NEOWISE, Mt Hood, Oregon
  • Mount Hood Oregon Sunset
  • Mount Hood Oregon Autumn
  • Grizzly Bear, Alaska
  • Spirit Falls, Washington

In addition to the calendars I’m offering a limited edition set of Gary Randall landscape photography “posters”. The frame up incredibly well and are an excellent choice for those who would love to have one of my photos in their home but are hard to justify the price, or for those who are collectors of my work. I’m offering up five scenes and if you buy four you get the fifth for free.