Still Creek

Still Creek

Still Creek

Still Creek – I hidden gem in the Mt Hood National Forest is Still Creek Road from the little town of Rhododendron to Trillium Lake. An all dirt single track road, Still Creek Road (Forest Road #2612) is a creek lover’s dream come true. The road is closed in the Winter but is open once Spring arrives.

From Portland turn right from Hwy 26 onto Still Creek Road just prior to crossing the Zigzag River Bridge into the town of Rhododendron.  Stay to the right and drive slow as this is a narrow road with homes and cabins along the lower end of the road. Many people like to walk and bicycle the road.

In a couple of miles the road turns to dirt. If you stay on the road you will end up at the back side of Trillium Lake. Once you get that far signs will guide you to the lake.

As you driver along you can find places to pull off and out of the road to see views of the beautiful little creek. Moss and ferns line this pristine creek. Take care to preserve the landscape as you explore this area. It is used by many and wear and tear can be unfortunately evident.

Gary Randall is a licensed outfitter and guide for the Columbia River Gorge and is authorized by the US Forest Service to conduct tours and workshops there. Gary has lived in and around the gorge all of his life. He knows the area, it’s attractions and its pitfalls. The views and scenic spots to get the ideal photo.

If you choose to tour Mt Hood or The Columbia River Gorge without a guide please use this list as a way to maximize your time on your visit. And please enjoy your stay.