Dead Ox Ranch Campout 2021


It’s time once again to prepare for our annual Gary Randall Photography Dead Ox Ranch Photographers Campout. August 6-8 2021.

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It’s time once again to prepare for our annual Dead Ox Ranch Photographers Campout. August 6-8 2021. The Dead Ox Ranch Photographers Campout is an annual event where photographers can meet, photograph and share while we learn new skills that will move our photography forward. It’s also a great place for photography friendships to begin. We become one big family at the Dead Ox Ranch.

We were unable to pull it off last year but we feel confident that this August will be a go. The Dead Ox Ranch is a place where we can all spread out and have our own space if it’s needed. There’s plenty of breathing room and fresh air at the Dead Ox Ranch.

We always hold this special event during the dark New Moon phase or a celestial event to allow us to witness the brightest stars and the best Milky Way. We spend time learning about Astro Photography and sharing ideas and our enthusiasm about photography ion general. We will learn how to process our night photos in the most effective ways to create an impactful night photo. We will also learn light painting techniques. We have locations near for excellent day trips, including the breathtaking Hells Canyon on the Snake River, and processing sessions during the day to spend our time with as well. The workshop is a relaxed and loosely structured event to allow us all to enjoy the experience of the laid back and relaxing Eastern Oregon historic ranch.

We have tent space as well as a field where camp trailers and motorhomes can park. There’s plenty of room to spread out but the evening fire ring and lawn chairs always brings everyone together for friendly conversation. Families are welcome and children under 16 are included with the price of the parent or parents. Camp sites are limited so reserve yours soon.

This year we will be dedicating the event to our dear friend Beryl Moore, a special Dead Ox Ranch Alumni who just recently passed after her cancer struggle. It was a promise that I made to her the last time that I saw her. The Dead Ox Ranch Campout was a life changing experience for her.

What to bring:

  • Camping gear
  • Ice chest
  • Camp stove
  • Lawn chairs
  • Bug repellant
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Food/Beverages
  • Ice

Camera gear

  • Camera
  • Lens – 18-55 or wide for cropped sensor cameras – 24-70 for full frame cameras, f/2.8 if possible
  • A sturdy tripod is a must
  • Remote Trigger (Programable)
  • Laptop computer with Lightroom / Photoshop installed (Other editing software is welcome)

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