The Pillars of Rome in south eastern Oregon. I will be returning to this location again.

"A must see for the photo enthusiast, these unique rock formations that reflect the sunlight in different ways, make for a wonderful setting for scenic photos.

The community of Rome in Malheur County received its name from the imposing nearby formations of fossil-bearing clay that look like Roman ruins. The 100-foot high formations, which are also known as the “Pillars of Rome,” measure about five miles long and two miles wide.

These strange white bluffs, stand near the Owyhee crossing and were a landmark to pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail reminding them of the structures of ancient Rome. For the rafting and white water enthusiast, Rome is the entry point for a great ride down the wild & scenic Owyhee River past beautiful canyons, wildflowers, and wildlife."


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"No matter how old we are we still need a purpose for getting up in the morning."

What's your purpose?
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Teenagers teach a group of seniors how to use Internet. We're laughing, smiling, and feeling inspired all at once when watching "Cyber-Seniors" from www.cyberseniorsdocumentary.com.

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I call this "The release of the wrath of Astrape and Fulgora on Rome".

Astrape and Fulgora being the Greek/Roman goddesses of thunder and lighting. I thought that to be apropos considering the location and the event.

This is the little town of Rome Oregon in the lower eastern part of the state. My friend Bruce and I took an amazing couple of days to drive out and explore. What we found there was amazing. I'll be posting more photos in time.

On this evening Bruce and I had finished photographing a sunset at The Pillars of Rome, an interesting geologic formation of weathered sedimentary sandstone, and had started to see flashes of lighting in the sky behind the formation. We decided to move to a location that gave us a clearer view of the sky. We decided that the little store and gas station of Rome Station and its neon and sodium lights were about as good as any so we set up. The lighting was incredible and was so close that the boom was only a few seconds behind the flash of the lightning.

We were able to get a few shots as the storm front came upon us and started dropping rain drops the size of grapes. As soon as the rain started the wind started to blow. It was an amazing tempest.

This is the best shot that I made while we stood there watching the show.

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I think that I'll become a storm chaser for a couple of days. There are supposed to be some big clouds in Central Oregon I hear. :)

This is what Happened last summer. This is at Warm Springs IR in Central Oregon.

Just a quick treatise on lightning shots. The secret to getting a good lightning photo is easier if you can extend your exposure, or make it longer. This will allow you to keep your shutter open which increases your chance to capture a strike while it is. Taking a shot at night is a lot easier than the daytime because it's easier to extend your shutter time when it's dark. When it's day time and I'm shooting lightning I put a neutral density (ND) filter to block light. I can get a maybe 2-3 seconds during the day with my aperture stopped all the way down and my ISO dropped to the floor with the 3 stop ND filter. Night time 30 seconds is easy to do.

I hope that helps!! :)

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