It was a beautiful Spring morning…

The PPV in The Palouse
The PPV in The Palouse

It was a beautiful Spring morning…

I slept in today to try to catch up on the lack of sleep lately. Instead of hopping up when my eye lids opened like usual, I rolled back over and pulled the covers over my head for a while. Once I crawled out I made a nice cup of coffee and went out and sat on the front porch with Betty for a little while contemplating life and planning my day.

As I sat there I thought about all of the early hours, late hours and long hours that I used to put in in my last career and decided to call up my old boss to let him know I’m still alive. I still remembered the phone number. We had a nice chat. I asked how everything was going and it sounds as if nothing has changed at all there in the last ten years.

At the time losing that job seemed tragic, but in hindsight it saved my life.

Sometimes we hold onto things that we feel are essential in our lives when we should decide to make changes. Making those changes are difficult and most people won’t make those changes. In my case those changes were made for me. I felt that my life was over at the time when in reality it was just starting over. Now I realize that I’d rather start over mid life than to realize my life is through and to wish that I had done things differently. Regrets are fine if you have time for resolution, but a death bed is not the place to try to straighten out ones life.

I like my present boss. He lets me sleep in if I need to and wake up on my front porch with a nice cup of coffee instead of a commuter mug and a drive to work through city traffic. I may not be making the big bucks, but life is good none the less. I no longer collect “things”. I now collect experiences. I won’t have the things when I’m old, but I’ll still have the memories of my experiences. I think that I’ll have less regret that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whoa! Why so serious Gary??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess my point is that in life one must embrace change, even if you didn’t make the change. You never know where the new path may take you. You never know if you don’t go. ๐Ÿ™‚


I believe that everthing happens for a reason. It just might take a while to figure it out. Mom and I talked today about living to work and working to live vs. Just living. I have been in a funk but decided that I need to get back out and photograph what I love again so I am going to :). You are always an inspiration!

My friend you’re freaking me out. You blog like I used to. Your writing is much like mine used to be. Interesting.

Wendy Williams

Wow! I am in limbo myself, I got so fed up with the industry I was in I went out and got a degree in Computer Networking and another in Business entrepreneurship and I am no young pup. my wife and I really love traveling around doing photography, our camper is always on our truck. We have been more places and had so much more fun living on less money than we ever have before. There is so much truth in what you say “I may not be making the big bucks, but life is good none the less.” It may not be easy but looking back at the daily grind I can’t see that It was any easier, in fact it was much more stressful. It is always good to see someone that does what he loves and can still make a living at it. You are an inspiration to a lot of us out here who love to do photography. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much Mark I appreciate the comment.

Follow your heart and pursue your dream… and just don’t quit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gary =0)