Photographing the Columbia River Gorge

Punchbowl Falls Oregon
Punchbowl Falls Oregon
The Columbia River
The Columbia River

Photographing the Columbia River Gorge – Imagine a place where primeval can be accessed. A place that is so dynamic and yet timeless. A place where one can escape the real world and exist in Nature at it’s best and most beautiful. A place of rugged pristine landscape where rain forests, majestic basalt bluffs and faceted columns reach toward the sky, where canyons and grottoes and majestic waterfalls reside. A place that’s home to one of the worlds largest and most scenic rivers, the mighty Columbia. A place of extremes in weather, amazing winds, snow and ice storms in the Winter and yet peaceful calms and warm sunny days in the Spring thru Autumn. In short, the Columbia River Gorge is photographer’s Paradise. Photographing the Columbia River Gorge is an epic world class photography experience.

I always recommend that anyone who is a first time visitor to the gorge must tour the Historic Columbia River Highway and hit all of the falls along the way.  If you are trying to maximize your time here the old highway is the way to go. As you travel the old road you will be able to photograph no less than five falls easily in a single day. While in the Columbia River Gorge, I recommend these must see locations for photographers.

  • Latourell Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Wahkeena Falls
  • Multnomah Falls
  • Horsetail Falls

Once you have hit all of those falls there are others close by that are easy hikes from two to four miles round trip. Elowah Falls, Wahclella and the excellent Eagle Creek trail to Metlako and Puchbowl Falls.

  • Elowah Falls
  • Wahclella Falls
  • Metlako Falls
  • Punchbowl Falls

Gary Randall is a licensed outfitter and guide for the Columbia River Gorge and is authorized by the US Forest Service to conduct tours and workshops there. Gary has lived in and around the gorge all of his life. He knows the area, it’s attractions and its pitfalls. The views and scenic spots to get the ideal photo.

If you choose to tour Mt Hood or The Columbia River Gorge without a guide please use this list as a way to maximize your time on your visit. And please enjoy your stay.